February 12, 2021

Nursery & Greenhouse Irrigation

Greenhouse Irrigation

Greenhouse’s allow for greater control of the growing environment for plants. Multiple irrigation types have been used in greenhouse’s such as but not limited to drip, overhead irrigation, overhead misting, spray stakes, and multi outlet systems.

Nursery Irrigation

Nurseries are places where plants are grown to a specific age and then sold typically to the general public to be used in landscaping. Various methods are used to grow plants from in ground to pot in pot systems. Drip and stake irrigation is most commonly used to reduce water waste but also target nutrient applications.

Drip Tape

Drip tape is the most cost effective form of irrigation, costing as little as 1.5 cents/foot while putting the water right by the plants to reduce water waste and weed pressure. Drip tape usually comes in long rolls, up to 10,000’ and is flat when initially rolled out. Due to the thin walls typically used with drip tape, it’s designed to be ran between 6 & 12 psi. One of the downsides to drip tape is it’s not easy to roll up and re-use, creating lots of waste.

Drip Tube

Drip tube is more expensive, anywhere from .10 cents/foot to .20 cents/foot based on size and emitter spacing. It typically comes in 1,000’ coils and can handle pressures up to 50 psi. It’s more commonly used on long term crops like blueberries, hops, wine grapes, etc… However, some of the advantages of drip tube are being able to irrigate steeper slopes and the ability to roll up and re-use year after year. Another benefit of drip tube over drip tape is with the wall being much thicker, it tends to get nicked/cut less, thus needing less labor to fix than drip tape.


Regardless of whether you use drip tube or drip tape, manufacturers recommend you filter the water to prevent particulates from plugging the emitters. Screen, sand media, and disc filters are the most common types of filtration. The type and size used would be determined by the flow rate and water quality.

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